ASM 2013 Special Session

APA-24. Low Boom CFD and Experimental Results (Invited)

A special session was organized at the 2012 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting to introduce the workshop, cases, and available experimental data. The papers in this section are as follows.

Experimental Validations of a Low-Boom Aircraft Design by Todd Magee, Stephen G. Shaw, and Spencer R. Fugal

Full Configuration Low Boom Model and Grids for 2014 Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop by John M. Morgenstern, Michael Buonanno, and Frank Marconi.

Near-Field Pressure Measurements of Several Models in JAXA’s 1m x 1m Supersonic Wind Tunnel by Yoshikazu Makino and Masayoshi Noguchi. Presentation.

Summary of the 2008 NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop by Michael A. Park, Michael J. Aftosmis, Richard L. Campbell, Melissa B. Carter, Susan E. Cliff, and Linda S. Bangert. Presentation.

Introduction of 1st Low Boom Prediction Workshop by Kenrick A. Waithe. Presentation.

Evaluation of Grid Modification Methods for On- and Off-Track Sonic Boom Analysis  by Sudheer N. Nayani and Richard L. Campbell. Presentation.