2015 AIAA SciTech Special Sessions

These are the papers for the two sonic boom activities special sessions at AIAA SciTech 2015. Some of the Oral Presentations from this special session are available on the FTP server.

Special Session: Low Boom Activities I

Computational and Experimental Study of Supersonic Nozzle Flow and Shock Interaction
(AIAA 2015-1044)

Melissa B. Carter, Alaa A. Elmiligui, Sudheer Nayani, Raymond S. Castner, Walter E. Bruce, Jacob Inskeep

Airframe-Nozzle-Plume Interactions in the Context of Low Sonic Boom Design
(AIAA 2015-1045)

Mathias Wintzer, Raymond S. Castner

Plume and Shock Interaction Effects on Sonic Boom in the 1-foot by 1-foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel (AIAA 2015-1046)

Raymond S. Castner, Susan E. Cliff, Alaa A. Elmiligui, Courtney Winski

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Two-Stream Supersonic Plug Nozzle
(AIAA 2015-1047)

Christopher Heath, Eric J. Nielsen, Michael A. Park, Justin S. Gray

Acoustically Induced Shock Oscillations of a Low-Boom Inlet
(AIAA 2015-1048)

Sean Candon, Eric Loth

Special Session: Low Boom Activities II

Analysis of a Low Boom Supersonic Flying Wing Preliminary Design
(AIAA 2015-1249)

Jiaye Gan, Gecheng Zha

Unstructured Grids for Sonic Boom Analysis and Design
(AIAA 2015-1250)

Richard L. Campbell, Sudheer Nayani, Michelle Lynde

Sonic Boom Pressure Signature Uncertainty Calculation and Propagation to Ground Noise
(AIAA 2015-1251)

Eric Walker, Jeremy T. Pinier, Thomas West, Kathrine Bretl

Near field Sonic Boom Calculation of Benchmark Cases
(AIAA 2015-1252)

Jiaye Gan, Gecheng Zha

Near Field Pressure Measurement around Free Flight 69 Degree Swept Back Delta Wing Model
(AIAA 2015-1253)

Atsushi Toyoda, Akihiro Sasoh, Takahiro Imaizumi, Takeshi Ooyama, Masashi Kanamori, Takashi Aoyama