2017 AIAA SciTech Special Sessions

These are the papers for the sonic boom activities special session at AIAA SciTech 2017.

Special Session: Low Boom Activities I

Near Field Sonic Boom Analysis with HUNS3D Solver
(AIAA 2017-0038)

Boping Ma, Gang Wang, Jiong Ren, Zhengyin Ye, and Gecheng Zha

Wing Planform Optimization Method for Low-Boom and Low-Drag Aircraft
(AIAA 2017-0039)

Yohei Kasuga, Kenji Yoshida, and Hiroaki Ishikawa

Impact of Aeroelastic Uncertainties on Sonic Boom Signature of a Commercial Supersonic Transport Configuration
(AIAA 2017-0040)

Melike Nikbay, Bret Stanford, Thomas K. West, and Sriram K. Rallabhandi

Nozzle Plume/Shock Interaction Sonic Boom Test Results from the NASA Ames 9- by 7-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel
(AIAA 2017-0041)

Donald A. Durston, Susan E. Cliff, Marie Denison, Derek Dalle, Raymond S. Castner, Alaa A. Elmiligui, Melissa B. Carter, Courtney Winski, Patrick R. Shea, Brennan Blumenthal, and Nathanial T. Smith

Computational Evaluations of Experimental Data for Sonic Boom Models with Nozzle Jet Flow Interactions
(AIAA 2017-0042)

James C. Jensen, Marie Denison, Don Durston, and Susan E. Cliff

Retroreflective Background-Oriented Schlieren Imaging Results from the NASA Ames Plume-Shock Interaction Test
(AIAA 2017-0043)

Nathanial T. Smith, Donald Durston, and James T. Heineck

Special Session: Low Boom Activities II

DLR Simulations of the First AIAA Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop Cases
(AIAA 2017-0276)

Jochen Kirz and Ralf Rudnik

Prediction, Minimization and Propagation of Sonic Boom from Supersonic Bodies
(AIAA 2017-0277)

Junhui Li, Jeffrey Krampf, James Mitchell, and Ramesh K. Agarwal

Numerical Evauation of Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence on Sonic Boom Observed in D-SEND#2 Flight Test
(AIAA 2017-0278)

Masashi Kanamori, Takashi Takahashi, Yusuke Naka, Yoshikazu Makino, Hidemi Takahashi, and Hiroaki Ishikawa

Characteristic Scales of Atmospheric Turbulence Responsible for Sonic Boom Propagation
(AIAA 2017-0279)

Hidemi Takahashi, Masashi Kanamori, Yusuke Naka, and Yoshikazu Makino

Effects of Uncertainties in Atmospheric Turbulence and Weather Predictions on Sonic Boom
(AIAA 2017-0280)

Kuninori Fujino, Ryota Kikuchi, Koji Shimoyama, Shigeru Obayashi, and Yoshikazu Makino

Comparing anisotropic adaptive strategies on the 2nd AIAA sonic boom workshop geometry
(AIAA 2017-0281)

Adrien Loseille, Loic Frazza, and Frederic Alauzet.

Other Sonic Boom Related Papers

Application of Exact Error Transport Equations and Adjoint Error Estimation to AIAA Workshops
(AIAA 2017-0076)

Joseph M. Derlaga, Michael A. Park, and Sriram K. Rallabhandi