2014 AIAA AVIATION Special Sessions

These are the papers and oral presentations for the four sonic boom activities special sessions at AIAA AVIATION 2014. Some of the Oral Presentations from this special session are available on the FTP server.

Sonic Boom Activities I – 1st Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop Results

Summary and Statistical Analysis of the First AIAA Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop (AIAA 2014-2006)

Michael A. Park, John M. Morgenstern

Measurements Supporting 1st Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop Cases (AIAA 2014-2007)

John M. Morgenstern

LAVA Simulations for the First AIAA Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop (AIAA 2014-2008)

Jeffrey A. Housman, Emre Sozer, Cetin C. Kiris

Computational and Experimental Assessment of Models for the First AIAA Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop Using Adaptive High Fidelity CFD methods (AIAA 2014-2009)

Franck Dagrau, Adrien Loseille, Itham Salah El Din

Sonic Boom Activities II

Boeing N+2 Supersonic Experimental Validation Phase II Program (AIAA 2014-2137)

Todd Magee, Spencer Fugal, Lawrence Fink, Stephen Shaw

Overview of Sonic Boom Reduction Efforts on the Lockheed Martin N+2 Supersonic Validations Program (AIAA 2014-2138)

Michael Buonanno, Sonny Chai, Frank Marconi, John M. Morgenstern

Uncertainty Quantification and Certification Prediction of Low-Boom Supersonic Aircraft Configurations (AIAA 2014-2139)

Thomas West, Bryan Reuter, Eric Walker, William L. Kleb, Michael A. Park

Sensitivity Study of Sonic Boom to Off Design Conditions
L. Ozoroski

Experimental and Computational Sonic Boom Assessment of Boeing N+2 Low Boom Models (AIAA 2014-2140)

Donald A. Durston, Alaa A. Elmiligui, Susan E. Cliff, Courtney Winski, Melissa B. Carter, Eric Walker

Conceptual Design of Low-Boom Supersonic Aircraft with Flight Trim Requirement (AIAA 2014-2141)

Irian Ordaz, Karl Geiselhart, James W. Fenbert

Sonic Boom Activities III

Comparison of sonic boom propagation and loudness level calculations
A. Loubeau, Sriram K. Rallabhandi

A Flight Research Overview of WSPR, a Pilot Project for Sonic Boom Community Response (AIAA 2014-2268)

Larry J. Cliatt, Edward A. Haering, Thomas P. Jones, Erin R. Waggoner, Ashley K. Flattery, Scotty L. Wiley

Full-Field Sonic Boom Simulation in Real Atmosphere (AIAA 2014-2269)

Rei Yamashita, Kojiro Suzuki

A Method for Reducing Sonic Boom Strength by Tailoring the Shape of the Propulsive Streamtube
T. Conners

USM3D predictions of Supersonic Nozzle Flow (AIAA 2014-2270)

Melissa B. Carter, Sudheer Nayani, Alaa A. Elmiligui, Richard L. Campbell

Application of adjoint methodology in various aspects of sonic boom design (AIAA 2014-2271)

Sriram K. Rallabhandi

Sonic Boom Activities IV – Low Sonic Boom Flight Demonstration

Overview of NASA High Speed Project Research and Progress
P. Coen, D. Richwine

ICAO Supersonics Task Group (SSTG) Status and Progress
S. Liu

Boeing Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) Concept Formulation Study
T. Antani, H. Welge, S. Agrawal, C. Nelson, T. Magee, S. Hollowall

Lockheed Martin Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) Concept Formulation Study
M. Buonanno, J. Morgenstern

Advanced Adjoint Optimization Capabilities in SU2 for the Design of a Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator
J, Alonso, F. Palacios, T. Lukaczyk

The Need for Speed
R. Cowart