2016 AIAA AVIATION Special Sessions

These are the papers and oral presentations for the two sonic boom activities special sessions at AIAA AVIATION 2016. Some of the Oral Presentations from this special session are available on the FTP server.

Sonic Boom Activities I

Near-Field Measurement of Post-Shock Pressure
Modulation Induced by Supersonic Flight Model past a Grid
Turbulence (AIAA 2016-4048)

A. Sasoh, A. Iwakawa, D. Furukawa, Y. Aoki

The Research of Supersonic Aircraft Low Sonic
Boom Configuration Design and Optimizations
(AIAA 2016-4049)

X. Hao, C. Su, J. Zhou

Inlet Trade Study for a Low Boom Aircraft
Demonstrator (AIAA 2016-4050)

C. Heath, J. W. Slater, S. K. Rallabhandi

Sonic Boom Activities II

Overview of NASA’s Commercial Supersonic
Technology Project, P. G. Coen

Development of High Fidelity Tools and Robust
Design Approaches for Low Boom Aircraft, L. Bangert, L.P. Ozoroski

Development of Metrics and Models for Assessing
Community Response to Supersonic En Route Noise, A. Loubeau

Designing Supersonic Airliners to Meet Airport
Noise Regulations, J. E. Bridges

Status and Plans for NASA’s Low-Boom Flight
Demonstration and Quiet SuperSonic Technology Aircraft, D. M. Richwine

Concept Development of the Quiet Supersonic
Technology Aircraft, P. Iosifidis