SBPW3 Nearfield Notice of Intent Case

All of the necessary files and information can be found at

Workshop Notice of Intent case overviews and submission instructions

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Axisymmetric Equivalent Area

Simulation Conditions

1.6 Mach
0.0 (degree) angle of attack
32.92 (m) body length
U.S. Standard Atmosphere (1976)
15760 (m) altitude
216.65 (K) temperature
5.70e+06 Reynolds Number per meter (for optional viscous simulation)

For optional loudness calculation, the minimum sampling frequency is 48 kHz

Provided data structure information (linked):

This model was designed with Cart3D to match the near field pressure
signature of the inviscid NASA Concept 25D with Flow Through Nacelle
at 3 body lengths on the centerline.