Lockheed Martin 1021 Full Configuration (2014 optional)

This configuration is described in John Morgenstern, Nicole Norstrud, Jack Sokhey, Steve Martins, and Juan J. Alonso, “Advanced Concept Studies for Supersonic Commercial Transports entering Service in the 2018 to 2020 Period,” NASA CR-2013-217820, DOI:2060/20130010174. See NTRS Record. There is also a description in John M. Morgenstern, Michael Buonanno, and Frank Marconi, “Full Configuration Low Boom Model and Grids for 2014 Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop,” AIAA-2013-647.

See Test Cases for instructions on submitting results. The HTTPS server contains the geometry and grids. See the README file on the HTTPS server for details.